Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Step Two: Find Your Friends

I close the book and lunge across the bed and grab the cordless phone. I look at the caller ID and its Hailey; she’s been my best friend since high school. She was a Junior when I was a Freshman, but we had managed to stay friends even when she went off to college and left me stuck in high school. She was a business major and ran a boutique.

“Hi Hailey,” I said, trying to sound perky like nothing was wrong.

“Hey Peyton! You want to meet up for lunch tomorrow at The Skyline?” She asks her voice naturally happy; she had nothing to worry about. She was married and didn’t have to worry about getting her heart broken.

“Yeah, I’ll meet you there at 12:00 okay?”

“Sounds good see you there!”

I hung up the phone and wriggled under the covers. I placed my head onto the pillow, still wet form my tears and fell into a sorrowful sleep.

I woke up in the late hours of the morning. I walked slowly to the shower and turned it on. I took off my pajamas and stepped into the icy water hoping that the cold would numb the heartache. I got out of the shower, the warmth of my bathroom thawing my frozen skin. I wrapped a towel around myself suddenly feeling warmer. I quickly dried my hair, my body finally reaching a normal temperature. I dabbed on a little makeup and put on a simple outfit of jeans and a v-neck t-shirt. I grabbed my purse from my kitchen table and slipped on my Uggs on my way out the door.

I walked the three blocks to The Skyline diner and sent Hailey a quick text to let her know I was on my way. I arrived at the diner and pushed open the door the little bell ringing to greet me. I walked to the very back of the diner and slid into the booth that Hailey and I always seemed to occupy. I looked u and was met with the smiling, perky face of my best friend Hailey.

Her naturally dirty blond hair was highlighted with honey colored streaks and her unique blue-brown eyes twinkled. She was wearing a long sequined shirt, over a pair of black leggings.

“Peyton what’s wrong?” She asked, the smile fading from her face.

“Last night, I felt that pain again; if I didn’t break Jordan’s heart then he was going to break mine.”

“No!” Her voice shocked as she gave me a pitiful look. Hailey really cared about me but I think she was tired of me going through guys like water.

I nodded, whipping away a tear that has escaped my eyes.

“Peyton, you have to stop doing this to yourself. Just because Devon broke your heart doesn’t mean every guy that comes along will. Some day you’re gonna have to let someone in to your heart. If they truly love you then your flaws wont matter.”

“Hailey, your happily married, you have a beautiful son and a great husband. You don’t have to worry about your heart being broken.”

“Yes I do, marriage isn’t set in stone. People get divorced all the time. Heartbreak is pretty much inevitable.”

“Hail, you’re supposed to be making me feel better.” I said slightly sarcastically, but also a little heartbroken. If Hailey thought that heartbreak was inevitable, then why believe in love at all?

“I will, let’s go!” She grabs my wrist and pulls me out the door, the bell ringing as we leave. She runs to the curb and pushes me into her car. She runs around to the driver’s side and pulls away from the curb ad begins to drive to God knows where.

“Hail, what are you planning?” I ask, looking at her profile. Her eyes focused on the busy New York streets.

“You are going to change, and I’m going to help you. You need to stop going through guys like this, it’s not good for you.”

“Um…” I stare at her as she pulls up to a stop light, she looks back at me and raises an eyebrow. I had a feeling everything was going to be just fine.

“Just go with it, I bet you will have a fiancé in the next two years.” She says cockily as she begins to drive another block, hitting almost 80 in hopes of getting through the next light.

I can see my eyes light up in the rear view mirror; everything I have always wanted in life was marriage. I wanted a husband, to be a wife, a mother, to be like Hailey; more than anything. Hailey pokes me in the rib which pulls me out of my own thoughts.

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