Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Hailey leaves me in the car and runs into her apartment .I let my mind wander to Devon, my first love. We dated back in high school for almost two years. I think of all the good times and the time that he broke my heart.

I think of the day he asked me out. The 15th of December. I had just broken up with my very first real boyfriend. This was sophomore year, and I wasn’t very popular. Devon was my age, I met him through some afterschool activities. He would openly flirt with me and I would text him more then I would text my boyfriend at the time. So that day I broke up with my boyfriend in hopes that Devon would ask me out, a few hours later he did.

Eleven days later he told me that he loved me, and I realized that I loved him back. We were so happy for a while but then problems struck. A friend of mine had planted the idea in my head that Devon had feelings for Hailey. I confronted him about it and he told me that he didn’t but within a few days I heard a rumor that the two of them had hooked up before we started dating. I confronted Devon about that ad he told me that was untrue but that lead to weeks of trust issues. Not that I didn’t trust him, he didn’t trust that I trusted him.

We were always second guessing thing until one day he just stopped talking to me. The next day at school I confronted him and confessed my love and told him that I would do whatever it took to make things right. That led to months of being treated like a slave. Doing whatever Devon asked, going to where ever Devon wanted me to go, soon I had barley any friends because of Devon, but I still loved him.

He would always tell me I was beautiful and how happy I made him; and that made everything worthwhile. Our dates were always fun, even if we were doing something I hated Devon would always make up for it with a hot make-out session. I was happy, yet I wasn’t, when I was living for only one person, and that person was not I, I wasn’t truly living. That’s what the heartbreak Devon caused taught me.

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