Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Step Three: Mourning Preparatios

Hailey giggles as she jumps out of the car, “come on girl… let’s go!” I look out the window in the direction Hailey is running, were at a grocery store. She motions for me to follow her, I jump out of the car and run to her.

“Hail?” I ask running towards her.

“Don’t ask, come on.” She grabs me by the wrist and drags me into the store. She grabs a basket and runs to the freezer section, I follow her as fast as I can. She skids to a stop in front of the ice cream section. I run up behind her and she grabs a pint of chocolate ice cream.

“Hailey… what?” I ask as she grabs a pint of rocky road ice cream.

“Just a little morning, the best way to get over a guy!” She says as she grabs another pint of ice cream, this time cookie dough and tosses it in the basket along with the others.

“Well if we’re going to mourn, then were going to need a little of this too!” I lay my hands on a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream and throw it into the basket. I look up at Hailey and we both stop laughing, the few people walking by us give us strange looks which makes us laugh even more. Once we stop our eyes meet and a mischievous grin crosses her face and I knew we were thinking the same thing.

“CANDY!” We say simultaneously. I grab onto the basket handle and Hailey and I race through the store to the candy isle. We each grab one of every type of candy; sweet, salty, sour, anything that caught our eye. Next we raided the rest of the store; we got icing, sprinkles, whipped cream, cookie dough, and a bottle of wine. We run to the checkout counter, laughing. The man scanning our items keeps his head tilted down, doing his best not to laugh along with us. He finally scans our wine bottle and asks to see some ID. Hailey takes out her driver’s license and hands it to the man. He gives it a quick once-over and hands it back to Hailey. Our total was slightly less than $100. I reach into my purse for my wallet but Hailey stops me.

“It’s on me.”

I let Hailey take this one for me. You can’t get in the way of this girl and spending money. Hailey was a really successful business woman. She ran a chain of boutiques; she filled them with clothes designed by our good friend Penelope. She was off in Milan for the time being but she would be coming in to town for fashion week soon.

Not only was Hailey a great business woman but she was an amazing sales woman. She could sell anything to anyone. She once bought this man’s car and sold it back to his wife for almost twice the price.

I load the bags into the cart and walk hand in hand out of the store with my best friend. We load the bags into the trunk of her little blue convertible and begin the drive back to my apartment.

“Were going to make a quick stop before we head back to your place,” Hailey says, focusing on the busy streets.

“Where are we going?”

“I’m gonna need to pick up a few things,” she says as she turns the corner to her apartment. “Just wait here I’ll be right back.”

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