Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Introduction to "The Peyton Process"

Hey everyone,

I am "TheRecordKeeper," soon to be known by you as Peyton James. The purpose of this blog is me and my writing. At the moment I am writing a "book," well more like a very long story and I will be posting it here for all the world to see. Maybe the right person will come across it and think,"hey this girls got some talent," maybe I could even get published some day, you never now.
I will be posting my story, "The Peyton Process," up here in parts. Some what like chapters. Feel free to read, comment, and maybe even be inspired to write some stuff of your own.

So here the outline of "The Peyton Process". The main character is Peyton James, she is a girl in her mid twenties who has a lot of trouble with love. She has what she thinks is a sixth sense about her relationships, when a man is about to break her heart she gets a pain in her stomach. And then she runs. She doesn't know it yet but her goal in life is to never be hurt again, like she was by Devon.

Devon was Peyton's first love, and her first heartbreak, but not her last. Ever since her experience with Devon Peyton has been bouncing in and out of relationships, always bouncing out in fear that she will suffer another heart break. Devon and Peyton were involved in high-school. He asked her out during her sophomore year and they dated up until the middle of senior year when, with out and explanation Devon left Peyton. She spent her senior year distraught, an broken. Her heart yearning for someone to love her,someone to explain, she needed Hailey.

Hailey is Peyton's current best friend, they had been that way since Peyton was a freshman, exploring high-school, in search of guidance, a mentor of some sort, that's when she found Hailey. Hailey was a junior when Peyton was a freshman. Hailey had been through her fair share of life and when she found Peyton she could open up to her and share her experiences, guiding the young girl onto the right track. But once she left for college Devon reversed all the mentoring. The once amazing and good girl Peyton was going in a downward spiral until she hit rock bottom.

That was when Devon left her, she had no one, all of her friends were gone, either at college or friends with her ex-boyfriend. But help was on the way. After hearing about the state her friend was n Hailey rushed home from college to mend her friends broken heart. And she did, somewhat. She helped Peyton to get on the right track once more, focusing on her grades and getting in to college, and she did. She and Hailey spent two years together at NYU, Peyton on her way to becoming a lawyer and Hailey a business major.

Again Hailey graduated, leaving Peyton alone for the next two years. But this story takes place five years after Peyton's graduation from college. Hailey and Peyton have been living in New York since college. Hailey is running a successful boutique while Peyton is working her way up the ladder in the law industry, starting as a receptionist but she hopes to be more then that. She wants to be the lawyer that her parents always wanted her to be, she wanted to prove to the that she could make something of herself. Hailey is living alongside her husband Tommy and there four year old son James, better known as Jammer. Unlike Hailey Peyton has recently suffered through another heart break and gone running to Hailey for help.

Hailey has decided that enough is enough, Peyton needs to get over this constant running from the possibility of love and start facing her fear of heart break. This story is about how Hailey saves Peyton from herself and helps her find happiness in the one place she least expected to find it. Herself.

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